Hooki Brand's Story &How To Use

Hooki  Brand's Story &How To Use

December 04, 2021

Gain an extra pair of hands with our Hooki Pram Clips & Stroller Hooks.

Easily attach to your pram for a luxurious yet functional accessory. Loved by thousands of Mums globally, Hooki is the go-to for parents on the go!

From small ideas come big things.

Designed by us, in Melbourne, our Hookis were born by putting pencil to paper.


We're passionate about design.

We've carefully curated a beautiful selection of colours for our original Hooki series.


Available at your favourite stores.

Small business. Big dreams. That's us at Hooki.

We're passionate about spreading our wings to provide our style and functionality products to parents globally.

Stylish & Functional Pram Hooks

Our Hooki Pram Hooks are a functional accessory for your pram whilst out and about. Easily attach to any pram's handle using our super strong velcro and gain a much needed extra pair of hands.

Finished in Vegan PU Leather with a strong Matte Black Aluminium Clip Hook, our Hooki Pram Hooks ooze style and sophistication whilst being there to help you with your shopping or lighten your load.


Vegan Leather Pram Hooks

Tried and tested on Australia's most popular Pram & Strollers, Hookis are adaptable and fit all pram handles.

Easily attach to your pram and off you go! They're gentle on your pram, they won't scratch or damage your pram handle and don't wiggle about.


Clip on. Clip off.

Easily attach your Hooki to your pram or stroller using our super strong velcro.

Fasten these little guys on tight and they won't budge. No slipping and sliding. Easy to whip open and relocate quicker than you can say Hooki.

We've tried and tested our universal fitting and adjustable Hookis on Australia's favourite prams & strollers. If your pram has a handle, our Hookis will fit.


Up to 5kg of Shopping

Our Hookis have been put through their paces. Whether they lend a helping hand when shopping or simply there to assist with all the sh*t you have to carry for your kids... Our Hookis are here to serve you - shame they don't come with a chiseled jawline and a 6-pack.

Easily capable of holding 5kg per Hooki - that's the equivalent of 35 potatoes!


Luxurious Pram Hooks

Our Pram Hooks are crafted from durable performance fabric in complimentary faux leather, finished with a large matte black carabiner clip that can handle 5kg with ease. Each Hooki is a stylish and minimal stroller accessory that does the hard work for you.

Available in 6 carefully curated colour-ways to universally compliment all pram designs.

Easy open & close Hooki Clip

Easily holds 5kg per Hooki

Super Strong Velcro Support

Hooking Happy Guarantee


Our packaging & mailing bags are 100% plastic-free and 100% biodegradable - yippee! Is that a hug from Mother Nature we feel?

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