Drool Bib Lemon Sprinkles 有機棉圍兜 閃亮星星

$780 TWD

我們知道讓寶寶保持乾燥是多麼具有挑戰性,尤其是在長牙期。使用我們的 DryBibs,告別無休止的換裝,向更乾燥的衣服問好。

Drool Bib圍兜經過專門設計,可防止小寶寶的衣服弄濕並保持更長時間的清爽感覺。這些 Drool Bib圍兜的秘訣在於其獨特的面料技術:採用雙層柔軟的 Oeko-Tex 認證棉和巧妙的防水膜,這些圍兜具有吸水性和有效性。我們的圍兜在脖子上配有按扣,有兩種可調節尺寸,以適應寶寶成長的第一年。它們有許多獨特的圖案和原始顏色,帶有微妙而活潑的細節。 

Drool Bib圍兜是讓寶寶的衣服更長時間保持乾爽清新的必備品。  



衣櫃必備品,可為每件服裝增添一絲樂趣,並通過 OEKO-TEX 標準 100,1 類嬰兒用品。 


材質: 100% 棉 | 聚氨酯膜
認證 : Oeko-Tex Standard 100, Class 1 for baby products

Elodie Details 於 2006 由設計師 Linda Sätterström 創立於瑞典的斯德哥爾摩,是少數為寶寶設計的專業精品配件品牌,結合設計師的眼光與母親對產品的訴求,設計具實用、個性且巧思的寶寶配飾,如同品牌訴求「Big Differences For Small People」,讓您在日常中,也能與寶寶輕鬆展現極具風格的品味生活。


We know how challenging it can be to keep your baby dry, especially during teething periods. With our DryBibs, wave goodbye to endless outfit changes and say hello to drier clothes. Our dribble bibs are specially designed to prevent little droolers’ clothes from getting wet and to maintain a fresh feel for longer. The secret to these dribble bibs lies in their unique fabric technology: featuring double layers of soft Oeko-Tex certified cotton and an ingenious water-repellent membrane, the bibs are absorbent and effective. Equipped with press studs in the neck, our bandana bibs have two adjustable sizes to fit your baby in their first years of growth. You won’t get enough of these wardrobe staples, as they are available in many exclusive patterns and original colours with subtle and perky detailing. 

Ideal during teething 
The dribble bib is a must-have for keeping your baby’s clothes dry and fresh for longer.  

Water-resistant and protective  
Absorbent and quick-dry bib, with a unique water-repellent membrane technology to protect from wetness and unpredictable spills. 

Adjustable size 
Equipped with press studs, the dribble bib is quick to attach, hangs safely around the neck and can be adjusted to two different sizes. 

Vibrant styles 
Wardrobe staples that will add a touch of fun to every outfit and approved to OEKO-TEX Standard 100, Class 1 for baby products. 

Easy to clean 
Machine-washable for easy care.