ferm LIVING, Animal Hand-Carved Giraffe 手工實木雕刻動物 長頸鹿

$960 TWD


尺寸:寬 4.5 x 高 21.5 x 深 12.5 cm
材質:100% 白楊木
資訊:經過 CE 測試。適合3歲以上兒童



ferm LIVING基於對真實設計的熱情,所做的每一個核心責任的選擇,都是為了創造誠實產品和平靜生活而存在。我們與哥本哈根的家鄉和世界各地的工匠合作,將斯堪的納維亞思維方式與全球技能和傳統融合在一起,以柔和的形式、豐富的紋理和奇特的細節為特色,可幫助您的居家營造出一種意想不到的沉穩質感氛圍。從材料和工藝到生產和交付,都以幫助塑造可持續發展的未來做努力,也讓您更容易做出善待地球環境的選擇。

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Let your young explorers answer the call of the wild with our hand-carved animal toys. Chiseled from wood and painted by hand, they are detailed with all the hallmarks of their wild counterparts – from cheetah spots to zebra stripes. A wild and wonderful addition to the kids’ bedroom, they have also been toy tested and approved for children aged three and up.

Color: Warm Brown
Size: W: 4.5 x H: 21.5 x D: 12.5 cm
Material: 100% aspen wood
Info: CE-tested. Suitable for children 3+ years
Care instructions: Wipe with a dry cloth
Attention text: As the piece is hand-carved and hand-painted, small variations may occur

Due to the uncontrollable situation of international transportation, the packaging of the goods is somewhat imperfect. This is inevitable during the transportation process. Please do not place an order if you are looking for perfect packaging. Before placing an order, you can contact us to inquire about the condition of the product. After the order is placed, the return and exchange of the same reason will not be accepted.