fini. Legionnaire Hat Light Pink 輕便護頸遮陽帽 淺粉 S-XL 兒童 大人 棉府綢 手染色

$1,250 TWD

戴上我們觸感柔軟、後背有彈性的遮陽帽,讓您的孩子時尚地免受陽光照射。時尚防曬,時尚潮流! 提供多種尺寸和多種顏色的絕對舒適的棉府綢布料可供選擇!

由 fini. 在澳洲設計的退伍軍人帽,是我們眾多頭飾設計之一,既實用防曬,又彰顯時尚潮流。


外部和內部均為 100% 棉。

尺寸指南 cm


我們的帽子按尺寸而不是年齡標記。原因是一個人的頭圍可能與同一年齡的另一個人的頭圍有很大差異。若要確定適合您孩子的尺寸,請使用每種產品中針對其設計提供的尺寸指南,並根據與您購買物件相關的頭圍進行選擇。 請記住,購買太小的帽子永遠不適合,但購買太大的帽子可以長大。

由於織品彈性係數、水洗工藝、測量點等原因,可能與實際產品有 ±2cm 的偏差,經檢驗標準政策均屬測量可接受範圍,不屬於瑕疵。



Keep your little one stylishly protected from the sun with our soft-touch, elastic back baby hat. Fashionable sun protection with a trendy twist! 

Offered in a range of sizes.

Designed in Australia by fini., the legionnaire hats are one of many of our headwear designs that are practical in sun protection while also offering a statement in on-trend fashion.

  • elastic in back, providing stretch and also softness for your little one to lay down on.
  • chin strap with toggle, to keep secured on the head.
  • chin strap toggle is removable and chin straps are long to allow you to tie into bow instead if you wish.
  • wide hat peak for extra face coverage from the sun.
  • double layer crown for quality and comfort.
  • single layer neck flap to ensure your baby remains cool in the sun while being protected.
  • hat peak layered with soft padding to gain it's relaxed silhouette.
  • 100% cotton exterior and interior.
    (made from cotton poplin to provide super light weight feel)

Our hats are labelled by size, not by age. The reason for this is because a persons head circumference can differ extremely to another at the same age. To determine the correct fit for your child, please use our size guides available within each product specific to its design and choose via head circumference relevant to the person you are buying for. 

Should you dare to generalise knowing our strict return policy, please click here for the World Health Organisation child growth standards charts regarding head circumferences for age.

Remember, a hat purchased too small will never fit but a hat purchased too large can be grown in to.

Gentle hand wash separately in cold water. Lay on flat surface to dry.

Can be pressed (hat peak included) using a warm iron with a protective layer between the hat & iron.