fini. Straw Hat Natural 波西米亞草帽 自然 S-L 兒童 大人

$1,150 TWD

fini. 草帽對於那些尋求永恆且實用的配件的潮流人士來說是理想的選擇。可折疊、可收納,帽簷採用鋼絲設計,可隨意調節帽簷曲線。



尺寸指南 cm


由於織品彈性係數、水洗工藝、測量點等原因,可能與實際產品有 ±2cm 的偏差,經檢驗標準政策均屬測量可接受範圍,不屬於瑕疵。



The fini. straw hat is ideal for those on-trend looking for a timeless & functional accessory. Foldable and packable, crafted with a wire brim. this lightweight natural colour sun hat also has an adjustable interior band to perfect the fit. Its bohemian style ensures you look effortlessly stylish wherever you go.

Available in two colours | Natural & Light

colours slightly vary
bow trim around crown is fixed & for cosmetic purposes only.
Spot clean only.
Please do not get wet.

We know accidents can happen! So if your hat does get wet, please dry with a towel and place in the sun to remove moisture.