BabyNoise, Hand Held Drum 啟蒙手鼓

$1,090 TWD

啟蒙手持鼓只有 15cm寬,嬰兒也可以輕鬆拿取,一側有一層緊密拉伸的合成膜,讓寶寶輕輕敲打小鼓棒,會發出隆隆、敲擊和空洞的聲音。建議添加到您的嬰兒音樂套裝,音樂產品能對孩子創造正面的影響力,讓孩子創造美好的旋律與節奏。(內含櫸木製鼓棒)




由於玩具包含小部件,因此適合 3 歲以上的兒童使用,並且只能在父母的監督下使用。 這些不是固齒器,不能被咬或用於出牙。產品為手工製造及染漆,故每款略有差異,無以證明是天然原木製成的象徵並非瑕疵品,若無法接受請勿下單。

Babynoise 於 2017 年初開始銷售原創木製打擊樂玩具,專為您的小孩製造精美的木製創意遊戲品,所有樂器都是採用無毒漆且手繪的。

Our Hand Held Drum is only 15 cms wide with a tightly stretched synthetic membrane over one side, with a tap of our small drum stick you produce a booming, tapping and hollow sound. Another great addition to your babies musical set.

(Stick included)

Origin: Australia

Let children enjoy music
Give babies the opportunity to learn the rhythms of children from an early age. Swinging limbs and dancing to the music may seem simple, but it actually involves the delicate operation of the body, brain and limbs. If parents can make good use of this instinct, they will be able to both Happy and smart.

Let the children play at will or guide them to play according to the rhythm. You can also lead the children to create different rhythm patterns, such as: hit three times, stop once, or hit once, stop once. In addition to stimulating the development of the upper body, the percussive action can also consume the child's vigorous energy.

Important information
Since the toy contains small parts, it is suitable for children over 3 years old and can only be used under parental supervision. These are not tooth holders and cannot be bitten or used for teething. The products are handmade and dyed, so each model is slightly different. There is proof that it is a symbol of natural product. If you cannot accept it, please do not place an order.

Babynoise is home to the original wooden percussion toys, starting in early 2017.
We offer creative play for your little ones or beautiful wooden décor display items.
Our team is made up of a stay at home mum (me aka Eve), my three children (Cooper, Tyler & Weston) and my fiancé Byron.
All items are handpainted by me with non toxic paint.
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