Roe & Joe, Dress N ° 3 Chocolate 巧克力吊帶洋裝 2-5y

$1,085 TWD $1,550

我們最暢銷的剪裁採用獨特的淺棕色調。 穿著帶有可調節繭形鈕扣的吊帶。 後腰部鬆緊帶彈性舒適。前面縫了兩個小口袋,可搭配涼鞋或草編鞋,打造田園風。 內搭 T-Shirt 或長袖襯衫,或在炎熱的天氣單穿由亞麻織物製成,這是最耐用的天然材料之一,重點是非常柔軟滑順的亞麻材質。

成分: 100% 亞麻
護理:在40 °C 下輕輕洗滌
Uliana身高 125 cm,穿著 122 碼。

在波蘭的 Pani Joli 縫紉室製造。品牌版型偏寬鬆

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Our bestselling cut in a unique shade of light brown. Dress on suspenders with adjustable cocoon buttons. At the back it is pulled on with an elastic waistband. There are two sewn in front. Made of linen fabric, which is one of the most durable, natural materials. Wear with sandals or espadrilles to create an idyllic look. Wear underneath with a t-shirt or long-sleeved shirt, or style over your bare body on hot days.

Composition: 100% linen

Care: Wash gently at 40° C

Certificates: OEKO-TEX

Dimensions: size chart

Uliana is 125 cm tall and wears size 122.

Made in Pani Joli's sewing room in Poland.