Security Blanket Blinkie - Blue 安撫巾 灰藍

$1,480 TWD

這是 Blinkie,我們可愛的朋友,讓您的孩子愛上它。柔軟的玩具和安撫巾的混合,由天然棉質細布穆斯林棉編織製成,有許多可愛的細節。尺寸恰到好處,可隨身攜帶。就像每個人一樣,Blinkie 每次擁抱都會變得更加柔軟和可愛!

尺寸:高 50 cm 
材質:100% 穆斯林棉

Elodie Details 於 2006 由設計師 Linda Sätterström 創立於瑞典的斯德哥爾摩,是少數為寶寶設計的專業精品配件品牌,結合設計師的眼光與母親對產品的訴求,設計具實用、個性且巧思的寶寶配飾,如同品牌訴求「Big Differences For Small People」,讓您在日常中,也能與寶寶輕鬆展現極具風格的品味生活。


This is Blinkie Bo, our cuddly friend for your little one to fall in love with. A mix between a soft toy and cuddle blanket, made from a natural cotton muslin fibre weave, with lots of lovely details. Just the right size to bring along anywhere you go. Blinkie just gets softer and cuddlier with each hug it gets, just like everyone does!

Size: Height 50 cm 
Material: 100% Cotton Muslin | 100% Polyester Fill
Safety Standard: EN 71

Material: 100% Cotton
Certifications : EN-71
Length: 50 cm
Dimensions: 46,5 cm

Machine wash at 30 degrees. Tumble drying is not recommended.  

The story began in Stockholm back in 2005, when our founder Linda Sätterström had her first daughter, Elodie. Well-designed clothing for babies and toddlers where available everywhere back then. But Linda couldn´t find designed alternatives for many of the other products that you need for life with a baby. So she developed her first product, a pacifier clip. One that was beautiful and that would match her daughter’s outfit. She began selling the clips and the idea really struck a note with other parents. First in Stockholm, then Sweden, and finally all over the world. The pacifier clip remains Elodie’s flagship product and one of our best sellers.