Snack Cup Cloudy Mauve 零食杯-雲紫

$520 TWD

源於丹麥思想的美國品牌Mushie,受到丹麥設計和生活方式的啟發,風格現代而簡約,卻在色彩中帶著復古色調, 產品均使用食品級矽膠製成,是新手父母們最易入手的品牌。



  • 由不含 BPA 和化學品的食品級矽膠製成。
  • 警告: 使用產品時需要成人監督。任何時候都不應讓嬰兒和兒童單獨接觸任何餵養產品。


  • 洗碗機安全。如果是手洗,請務必在清潔後晾乾。
  • 可以抵抗-40度到392度的溫度。


 What's Included: 1x Snack Cup

Designed with two small handles for an easy grip for little hands, our silicone snack cup is spill-proof for any baby to take on the go. The soft opening ensures baby's hands can slide easily in and out, while keeping food securely inside. This snack cup is a must-have for toddlers on the move.


  • Made with BPA-free and chemical-free food grade silicone.
  • Warning: Adult supervision is required while product is in use. Babies and children should not be left alone with any feeding products at any time.


  • Dishwasher safe. If washing by hand, make sure to dry after cleaning.
  • Can resist temperatures from -40 degree to 392 degrees.